Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stacia was in Town!

This girl make my heart sing. Her Soldier Boy husband makes her live far away from me so I only see her when there is a wedding or, in this case, when she is homeless for a month and she comes home until their new digs are set up on the next Army base.

She was in town Monday - Wednesday. She, Collin, Bekah (plus Anna) and Alena came over on Mondy night and we watchted the Bachelorette, drank too much wine and got all caught up. We all discussed how we are terrible phone talkers but Bekah said it best "Who needs to talk on the phone when it is so easy for us to get caught up the moment we are all in one place."

Wednesday I got to meet her for lunch before she and her mom headed back to Hot Springs. While eating, I realized there is not any more weddings to rely on to make sure we see each other so I made her promise me she would see me again in the year 2012. She agreed - even if that means a girls trip somewhere.

This was the only picture we took the entire time she was here and I hate that. I am not in the college days mode of taking a picture of every second of every day.  We were leaving lunch and Fennette pulled out her iPhone. Don't ask why I am wearing sunglasses inside. ugh!

So glad I got to see my MOH and now am counting down the days until we meet again. I can already say, it will be too long.

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Kendall Jones said...

So jealous! Miss you gals SO very much! And I say YES to girls trip!