Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Baby Brother's Getting Hitched!

Spencer's GETTING MARRIED! It is so hard to believe he is old enough to become a husband. We are very excited for him and we adore Lyndsey. The moment I knew she was perfect for Spencer was last year during football season. We were in Heber Springs for a playoff game. We won and were scheduled to play the next week which was the Friday after Thanksgiving. Lyndsey immediately called her mom and said she wouldn't' be home for Thanksgiving because she would be at a football game. She will make a great coaches wife!

Lyndsey's birthday is April 27th and Spencer surprised her with a trip to NYC - her favorite place. While there, he popped the question on her birthday in Central Park. Below is the moment after they got engaged.

 Lyndsey texted me a picture of her ring. Dad gave Spencer our mom's ring and he put the diamond in Lyndsey's ring. When I saw the ring, I started bawling. My office mate asked if everything was ok- I looked a little ridiculous. It was a Friday and I didn't get anything done at work that day.

They flew back in town on Sunday and all of their friends and family came to my parents' house to surprise them with an engagement party.

Dad, Aunt Janie and Uncle Doug

 Everybody waiting for them to arrive
 She was shocked!

Showing off that Bling
 The cute family
 Newly engaged in front of their cake

Lyndsey with her besties. Funny coincidence- Lyndsey's best friend and Zeta sister is Kaley. Kaley was one of the members in my Gamma Chi small group her freshman year when she went through rush. Kaley also introduced Lyndsey and Spencer. Small world!

 Opening gifts. I gave her a "Mrs. Adams" wedding dress hanger and a massive binder of all my wedding notes. She now has a head start.

The Adams Family

The Kepesky Family

I am so excited to finally be getting a sister. My baby brother couldn't have picked any better!

Congrats Spencer and Lyndsey. Let the planning begin!

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